Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Celebrity Sloth Scribe Tyler Durden Makes Fun of Death of Photographer at Lady Gaga Event

Tyler Durden, the Perez Hilton wannabe, slings some outrageous fortune at the expense of celebrity snapper A.J. Solkaner, who passed away after he photographed an event with Lady Gaga in New York City.

In the post, titled "gaga is so ugly its now literally killed someone," Durden goes on a rant, saying "she’s so ugly in real life it’s now proven to be fatal." He manages to get the details of the incident completely wrong, saying that the photographer fell to his death after Gaga arrived.

In reality, the photographer, who worked with AcePix, was packing up his gear after the event when he collapsed. He was attended to by paramedics on the scene, and was pronounced dead at the hospital that night from an apparent heart attack.

Durden then states, "I’d rather have my friends and family find me naked in a noose with gay porn on the TV and a chair leg shoved up my ass than to have ‘poker face’ playing in their head whenever they think of me."

Is Durden so desperate to have his name spread around that he has to make fun of a well-liked, honest, and affable photographer trying to make an honest living? A person died here Tyler. A.J. was a friend to many people. I know that is hard for you to comprehend. Remember what happened to Perez when he made despicable comments after MJ passed away? Tell me Tyler, can you summon the brain cells that you have left to spell B-A-C-K-L-A-S-H?

RIP Tyler Durden.

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  1. People always want to make something out of nothing. This is a great example.